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Life sucks!!!!

Well the shit certainly hit the fan last week!!
Ros came round Friday night and asked me what I said to Abbie about Mike, (her drop-kick b/f!) I tried to act all innocent and stuff but she could obviously see right through me, I was never any good at lying, she told me what my so-called best friend had told her I'd said. I admitted it and owned up. She sat there and listened as I gave my opinion and told her what I'd seen him upto while he was out. After I'd finished, she just sat there and looked at me... the look in her eyes scared me. She just stood up and called me a 'jealous bitch who isn't even being honest with her own boyfriend'... then left, I half expected her to slap me. Maybe she's right, maybe I should try to forget about Postie... Steve and I have been together WAY too long to let an almost complete stranger spoil things. Luckily Steve was out with his friends when Ros came round, I just sat and watched TV until he got home.
I called Abbie on Saturday and she was totally oblivious to Ros's visit the previous night, I asked her why she felt the need to say something to her about a 'PRIVATE' conversation we'd had... I couldn't believe the crap that came out of her mouth. I won't even put it in here... it's way too hurtful!
On a brighter note.... if there is one... Steve told me his parents were going to the Lake District at the weekend and that we were invited to go... altho the Lakes in October isn't the warmest place on the planet, maybe it will be good for us to get away from it all, I said I'd love to go... so there'll be no update this weekend but as soon as I get back... I'll let you know all the juicy gossip!
Bye 4 now xxx
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