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Okay, it's been about an age since I posted, my stupid puter threw a fit and we had to get the hard drive fixed *grrr* Still, back now, and catching up!
You will not BELIEVE who was at the club last week!!!! OMG OMG OMG!! It was HIM!! We got there pretty late, since dinner took longer than we thought it would, and we had to queue to get in *ugh* . Well, who shows up, walks right past the whole queue and high-fives the doorman?!?!? He looked soooo scrummy too, the uniform doesn't show his body off like it should; I swear, that guy is sex on legs!! He was wearing jeans [no-one's supposed to be allowed jeans in The Firefly club - he must be on good terms with those guys!! *lol*] and this black shirt with a T shirt under it. Also black :) Anyway, he was alone, but I saw him again later, just once, inside. He didn't have a girl with him, but was hanging out with about four other guys. He was being eyed up by all the women - and some of the men too! *lol* If I was a guy I'd go gay for him!!!
Anyway, only saw him those couple of times, but I had the most WONDERFUL dream, if you know what I mean! *wink wink* Too busy catching up to write more now, but I'll be watching out for the mail with even more interest now! I've sent off for some catalogues, so they should be arriving soon, they'll be too bulky to fit in the mailbox too!! *more winks!!*
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